How to understand whether a designer is suitable for you by his portfolio

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When you are looking for a designer, you immediately want to see his portfolio. Check out Dribbble or Behance and look at a bunch of beautiful designs. Maybe you like everything, and you are ready to take the guy for your project, but wait, now we’ll tell you about what should not be in the portfolio of a designer today. Using this list, you can make a truly objective review of your future employee.


Information overload.
If you see some screen, and it with lots of information (text or pictures), then there is something wrong. It touch locating and closeness information blocks.

Difficult understanding.
You must understand what the designer wanted to say in his work. Even if the screenshot with the application looks beautiful, what is the point of it, if it isn’t clear what it is for? Exactly the designer should guide the users to what they should do.

Too many animated objects.
Each designer tries to make his portfolio the most attractive and sometimes forgets about functionality. This is how special motion effects appear, which are beautiful on the one hand, but absolutely out of place on the other. To a greater extent, this concerns the time output of information.

A small number of screenshots.
You can find the portfolio page, that almost all shots involve a couple of screenshots of the application or site. It’s not a serious problem, but you can’t see the whole work on the app, and it’s not clear the designer’s relationships with logic.


“But remember that a not-so-good portfolio isn’t an indication that a designer isn’t suitable for you”

Please note that these signs relate to a greater extent to those designs that work on freelance. And of course, we didn’t write about color combinations and compositions, since this is most likely you will notice yourself. But remember that a “not-so-good” portfolio isn’t an indication that a designer isn’t suitable for you. It is always worthwhile to conduct an interview, and during the conversation, you will be able to understand the skills of a specialist even more.

If you want to be more confident that you get a full-fledged design at the exit, it is better to contact a design agency. For example, Sweetcode Lad has an excellent team of specialists who can critically evaluate each other’s work and give comments. All this is done so that the client receives a design with fewer flaws. If you have any questions, contact us, and we will help.

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