• Long-term Changes in the Cannabis Industry. Real Estate.

    Jan 08, 2021What awaits the industry?

    We can’t avoid changes in the cannabis industry. Few of dispensaries can bear the current situation and survive. Changing will be long-term, and they transform business overall. What can be expected? – Changing prices on real estate; – Changing consumer behavior; – Obstacles in legalization; – Rethinking the reliability of international supplies (components) – Growth […]

  • Cannabis Industry. How to Keep Customers?

    Jan 08, 2021Tracking changes in the Cannabis Industry.

    The pandemic has an impact not only on people’s social lives but also on the economy, particularly the cannabis industry.  “How cannabis industry suffered.” As we wrote earlier, small businesses will suffer much more than monopolies. The fault was a ruling by health authorities that imposed restrictions on cannabis sales. It is now only through […]

  • Effect of Coronavirus on the Cannabis Industry

    Jan 08, 2021How the coronavirus affected the work of cannabis-related businesses in California.

    For over two years, we have been working with the cannabis industry companies across the South and North California. This industry is very unpredictable and interesting. It is not difficult to understand the behavior of the market. But the challenging part is working with compliance and adjusting software according to it. This is a relatively […]

  • The History Of Our Company

    Jan 08, 2021A bit of history about how it all began.

    Originally the company was founded by Evgeniy Loktev and Igor Starovoitov. “The idea was super simple and straightforward. We both had many personal clients and started getting even more because of our quality of the work and personal touch to each project. At some point we realized, that it’s time to start building our team […]