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  • How To Check Your Text For Usefulness

    Jan 11, 2021How to stand out and hook people.

    Oh, such bad weather today looks like it might rain. So I will look out a window and drink tea…” and in the window, you can see how people unsubscribe you. So guys, let’s fill texts with usefulness. In this case, advise delicious tea, at least, lol. After all, we realize that useless content in […]

  • Think Twice: 7 Ways To Test The Effectiveness Of Any Idea

    Jan 11, 2021Let's keep your idea in people's minds.

    Every business venture starts with an idea. But why one idea became successful and viral while others are forgotten in a week? Let’s figure out what principles to follow to keep your vision in people’s minds. We hope that these principles will allow you not only to gain concrete insight into whether current customers will […]

  • 4 Effective Methods of Time Management: Advice From Our Team

    Jan 11, 2021Help you meet deadlines and be more productive.

    Surely we’ve all experienced the woes of time management at work. Do you often stay at work until night and don’t have enough time for all tasks? Does your pet still recognize you? We have the bad news – you don’t know how to plan your time correctly. Please don’t rush to get upset. Today […]

  • Branding vs. Brand Identity: What’s The Difference?

    Jan 11, 2021Let's be clear about Branding and Brand Identity.

    Today, we will tell you how branding and brand identity differ. We are telling you right now. These are not synonyms at all. We explain how one differs from the other. Lesson 1. What is Branding? Branding – is the management of a brand’s meaning. The company’s mission and values. Tone of the voice – […]

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