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Branding vs. Brand Identity: What’s The Difference?

Today, we will tell you how branding and brand identity differ. We are telling you right now. These are not synonyms at all. We explain how one differs from the other.

Lesson 1. What is Branding?
Branding – is the management of a brand’s meaning. The company’s mission and values. Tone of the voice – opportunity to express why people should choose one brand over another.

See how you don’t should say:

Lesson 2. What are the elements of Branding?
– Mission statement
– Brand values
– Brand legend
– What makes a brand unique

Lesson 3. Why is Branding so important?

– It helps you stand out from the competition.
– It builds brand recognition.
– It creates a consistent brand experience for your customers.
– Sparks a connection with your audience and turns that audience into loyal customers.

Well, we can conclude that Branding is like the soul of your brand; let’s talk about the face of the brand – identity.

Lesson 4. What is Brand Identity?
Your brand identity is anything that can identify your brand—the visual perception of the brand: colors, font, logo, graphic elements, photographs.
See how you don’t should say:

To don’t make such mistakes, let’s see the elements that can make up Brand Identity:

– Wordmark or logo

– Key Colors
– Standard typographic treatments
– Library of graphic elements
– Different logo lockups
– Corporate typefaces
– A consistent style for images
– Sound, touch, smell

Remember, identity is part of Branding.

Let’s consolidate the knowledge, answer the question.

Is Merch an element of Branding or Brand Identity?

See the answer at the end of the article 😉

So friends, let’s not skip on the basics and use these words correctly. Once you start using them in context, you will remember their meaning, and you can always refer to this article.

Well, I hope we helped you with the theory. We can help in practice too. If you need a good brand design, logo, or brand book, do not hesitate – send us an email to [email protected].

As promised, the answer to the question: Merch is an element of Brand Identity 😉