Cannabis Industry. How to Keep Customers?

The pandemic has an impact not only on people’s social lives but also on the economy, particularly the cannabis industry. 

“How cannabis industry suffered.”

As we wrote earlier, small businesses will suffer much more than monopolies. The fault was a ruling by health authorities that imposed restrictions on cannabis sales. It is now only through delivery that cannabis can be sold for non-medical purposes. The decision did not affect sellers who hold medical cannabis licenses. Many shops will not be able to get a license, and they will have only two exits: to close or to deal only with delivery, which solution we can help with. But unfortunately, many small traders will not be able to establish delivery services and follow the first path.

“A growth in sales.”

However, not everyone suffered such a fate. There are also those with licenses, and they can quietly continue selling. This fact led to a growth in sales (at the end of march).  If it weren’t for the ability to sell cannabis without a prescription, it wouldn’t have happened. And now, the question arises – will this level of sales be able to remain so after the pandemic has stopped? We assume – Yes!

Nowadays, there are a lot of number of marketing tools to retain customers. The CRM system will be a great assistant. It will collect all the necessary information about clients, sales, buyers, products etc. The collected data helps better interact with customers and increase sales percent. The loyalty system is also high leverage for customers. It is a powerful tool that can impact new customers to convert them into new buyers.

All this looks great in words, but how do you put it into practice? Of course, monopolies already have their CRM systems and proven marketing strategies. But what about being the one who just started? How to cope with the influx of buyers, and how not to lose them? In Sweetcode Lab, we have already developed many types of CRM systems and know-how to work with them. Besides, we are aware of the details of the cannabis industry, and we are already applying our knowledge in the development process. 

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