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Design & Development Agency Vs. Freelancer: How to Make the Right Choice

Our team knows that finding the right partner for your work is conceivably the most critical and challenging part of the entire process. This article will objectively present the pros and cons of working with agencies vs. freelancers in the development or design solutions. So that the next time you need professional help, you know exactly what to do.

Understanding the difference

Our experience made us understand that many clients looking to find a designer, developer, programmer, or marketing manager, don’t fully understand the pros and cons of working with a design & development agency like Sweetcodelab vs. individual freelancers.

A freelancer is a self-employed person who specializes in a specific aspect of a project. As your project grows, you may need to hire more freelancers to focus on different elements. That’s where professional agencies enter the picture.

An agency’s role is to provide customers with a network of experts to create solutions that can stimulate business growth. Although freelancers are independent, agency employees are part of a larger company and experience working together under one brand.

Both options have unique strengths and weaknesses. The primary deciding factor for choosing will be your project and the requirements of it.

Let’s take a look at the comparison:

So, to go deeper into the pros of hiring an agency

– Broad Expertise
Even the most talented freelancer can only know so much, so if your project requires multiple areas of expertise, an agency will be much more helpful. The reason that agencies cover more ground is that they have more people.

Each employee can specialize in a specific development stage, so you do not have to look for additional people. Also, agencies can work on your product from start to finish. They can provide long-term benefits such as marketing, maintenance, or extra add.

– Skills
An agency makes more effort at learning new skills. They regularly update themselves with new technologies and try to offer you the best possible tools for your business.

– Teamwork
If you hire one or more freelancers, there is no fact that they will cooperate reasonably. But an agency is a pre-built team that has worked together for many years. The employees have honed their development strategy down to a science. No matter how many freelancers you hire, they will never gain the same cooperation level that an agency guarantees.

– Low Risk
An agency is more stable and resilient. It cannot walk away until they finish your project. If you want to discuss an issue, you can always call the project manager on SEO. Since an agency is a grounded business, it is more official and professional in most circumstances.
As a freelancer is an individual, the entire project will be stopped in case of unexpected disruptions. At worst, an online freelancer could hypothetically deviate from the project and leave your project.

– Consultation
Because you are working with a team here, you get tips and advice for almost every part of your project as the team will consist of people from different backgrounds with different expertise.

Pros oh hiring a freelancer: 

– Pricing
Pricing is an excellent thing about a freelancer. Because freelancers don’t share their salary with a team, they also don’t charge too much.

– Specialization
Since an individual can only know so much, most freelancers specialize in a specific field. This could be an excellent thing if you want them to perform only a single task on your website or app.
Easy to find.
Freelancers have become very easy to find. Many online platforms like Upwork and Freelancer help you find suitable freelancers for your project.

Cons of an agency: 

– Pricing
We have to highlight the one drawback of agencies, which is that they are expensive. The reason is that the agency offers a full team of experienced designers, developers, quality managers etc. You have access to more experts, more knowledge, and more skills. So, you may have to pay a bit more for this. The agency will focus primarily on larger projects than freelancers. Larger designs cost more.

Cons of  a freelancer: 

– High Risk
Freelancers often don’t sign contracts. Sometimes it happens that they might disappear in the middle of the project, and then you do the same process hiring a new person all over again.
If you don’t have a contingency plan in an accident or uncontrollable interference, the project could fall apart entirely.

– Limited Capacity
If you demand too much from a freelancer, you risk overloading them, which can seriously affect their performance. Of course, you can hire several freelancers, but then your costs will start to increase. Additionally, you will need to maintain communication and quality standards for all of them, and you may need to work twice as hard to integrate all the parts.

– Quality
Freelancers often work on more than 2 projects at once, and because just one person is handling the projects, the quality suffers.

Overall, when deciding to use an agency or freelancer, you need to know your goals. Freelancers are cheaper, but there is no guarantee you will get the results you want. By working with a professional agency, you will sign a contract. Also, you will get a group of experts who have a wide range of skills. Remember that things like fast bug fixes, quality, and good technical support are essential to any project. If you want to be successful, don’t hesitate: choose an experienced and professional team!

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