Dribbble Weekly Inspiration #4

Something new always appears in the design, but don’t forget that it was good. Skeuomorph is one such example.

It would seem that everyone forgot about these realistic icons, but no, they are coming back! And skeuomorph was precisely this style that made iOS so intuitive.

Who knows, maybe we are facing a revolution of Skeuomorph?

ee38794fc528cafffc0b5e00197d1fce.jpg (1600×1200)

1f09a9733bf2fa801ac8ee3f5cd0552f.png (1600×1200)

36b9f7f5f9c0496603df9935a3babaef.png (1600×1200)

d132177aa03e0755701e8fdcfe86cb68.jpg (1600×1199)

5871239b8544af08d3005045c9a8a49f.png (1600×1181)

20e31ec87f957e8ccb5589a2c80ae66c.png (1600×1200)

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