Effect of Coronavirus on the Cannabis Industry

For over two years, we have been working with the cannabis industry companies across the South and North California. This industry is very unpredictable and interesting. It is not difficult to understand the behavior of the market. But the challenging part is working with compliance and adjusting software according to it. This is a relatively new ​​business niche. However, the number of new cannabis businesses has become incredibly huge in a few years, especially after the state became recreational.

Today, the main and most important factor is a coronavirus. That damages all kinds of businesses and makes a huge impact on the cannabis industry as well. Because of this situation, most dispensers and brands were forced to stop working and switched to WFH or delivery only. 

California cities sales stopped on March 21. However, the Cannabis Entrepreneurs Association president, Jerred Kilokha, asked the state governor for permission to trade for the duration of the coronavirus. It is unknown what will come of it, but even now, people go to public places less and start to use home delivery.

How can we help you?

This is a perfect time for many brands and dispensaries to start using delivery solutions right now. Unfortunately, most of the 3rd party providers are limited. That’s where Sweetcode Lab Inc. can help with custom delivery solutions that will help with Metrc automated reports and generate manifests on the go. 

No one looks so far. Many businesses think that this feature is not required, or it can be postponed. After the coronavirus, we think that the world will be completely different, and people will start using delivery more often than before. Recent events have shown that the world is changing, and the culture of consumption and shopping is changing. Delivery – will be necessary for a good business. These are not empty words. 

Moxie, a California-based cannabis delivery company, has announced that shipments have increased 75% recently. This is a huge number of buyers.

So if you considering using delivery software for your business in the future, you can contact us any time:

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