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Everything You Need to Know About Omnichannel

Omnichannel (multi-channel) is a continuous work with the application (website, store) on different devices. Can you imagine how cool it is, while shopping on a computer, to continue doing it on the way to work? A multi-channel strategy helps to retain customers, and the level of engagement increases by 3.5 times. Omnichannel is not only about devices. We are talking about different communication channels.

What you need to remember when working with omnichannel?

A considerable role in the multi-channel strategy is content. You can’t just copy messages on all devices. It is necessary to consider the text carefully to feel comfortable using both the phone and the computer.

It is also necessary to monitor how user behavior changes. Habits and scenarios will be different on different devices.

Synchronization is one of the basics of omnichannel. The information must be updated at the same time on all devices. Online stores can collect information about products that the user likes and display them on all devices.

It is essential to adhere to the one style and logic on different devices. The user should not think, downloading the app and starting to use it, that he needs to click if he has already been to your site (or a shop). Great attention should be paid to the color scheme. Remember one rule – there is only one product, just on several communication channels, and remember this throughout working with designers.

Ux, when working in multi-channel mode, should, at the most, be simple and clear. Sweetcode Lab is ready to help you develop an online store, website, and application based on your corporate identity. We will do our best to make the user feel comfortable using any device.