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Express Logo Design. How do we do this?

For Sweetcode Lab, the word Logo Design should always mean a unique logo design. It’s a part of corporate identity that is uniquely crafted for your business or personal brand. It communicates your brand’s value and professional quality.

So we asked ourselves – How can we improve the logo design service? Make it an affordable and professional solution for your business or project. Design that truly represents your brand values and your market positioning. Without spending a fortune and your time.

And we created an innovative solution – Express Logo Design service! 

Process transparent, efficient, and accessible as possible. Simple as 1, 2, 3! 

Let’s looking more closely at the details of the process:

It all starts with the order. First, you place an order and fill in all details about your future logo through our design brief.

– A logo design brief is a form that provides our design team all of the information needed to create a unique logo for you that communicates your brand’s value and professional quality. It outlines fundamental information about the business and the desired design style.

Then our pro designers will do a one-hour session to come up with ideas for your future brand identification. They consider your brand values, target audience, and your personal preferences in mind: no stock images, trivial decisions, or inconsistencies with your brief. 

After brainstorming, a team of 3+ designers will start work on the future logo concepts for you. Each designer has a different vision, skill sets, and experience – that’s what makes our process unique.

Our team doesn’t respect $20 logo designs where designers notice only the business area and immediately start designing amateurish designs with no creativity and individual approach.  

Designers at Sweetcode Lab thoroughly analyze the design brief before starting the design process and give the logo time it needs! As a result, you get 10+ logos in a few days! But keep in mind, the team lead will pick one primary logo as a result that we think fits your brand perfectly. 

We prepare and deliver the final logo files for you. It includes different design files and basic variations of the primary logo, such as full color and monochrome. After that, the rest of the options are included in the archive as a final deliverable.

We also ensure that your logo will be used correctly in your marketing materials long after we are gone.

Take a look at some of our Top Logo Designers:

Moreover, our team has extensive experience in logo design. Classic, minimalist, modern, or any style, Sweetocode Lab can do the magic. You can choose all the details while filling out the design brief. It is how it looks from the inside:

Check out these real-life, inspiring case studies:

And here is the cherry on top, we offer the brand book as an additional service for your new logo or even existing ones. So you don’t have to think about how to present the brand’s identity and brand standards.

Want a great logo to represent your brand? Our designers can make it happen! Contact us via email [email protected] or place your order here