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How did COVID-19 affect startups?

2 June · app, design, ideas, site, startup, ui, ux· 235 Views

Do you have good ideas for startups? What to do in order not to stand aside? How to win your customers and users?

We all are well aware that the current situation due to COVID-19 will affect everyone. The behavior of people will change and has already changed (we previously wrote about this in our blog). People value privacy and security more. Also, many who have recovered have entirely changed their worldview. Values ​​have also become different. In general, the world has changed.

Oddly enough, but right now, you can pay attention to startups. It would seem, what are we talking about? Now is a difficult time, and no one will conduct experiments, you need to try to stay afloat even for those who are already in business and so on. But, some ideas can be successful even at this strange time for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Social networks as startups.

Yes, social networks, we have many of those today. But, do not forget about the uniqueness, and if you have something to offer, the user will be interested. Work messengers will be very popular, which will be a kind of synthesis of video chats with task control systems, to-do lists, and everything that is needed to work in a team. All this is because a large number of companies realized that working remotely isn’t so bad. Even Twitter has already made visiting offices at will. There are pluses, even in the economic sense. And the problems with the remote interaction can just solve the tool similar to the one described above.

Travel business.

Of course, people began to travel less, and now they are staying at home constantly. But always want to admire the beauties of other countries. And, when there is no such opportunity in real life, why not use the available web tools. So, even in tourism, there is a place for startups.

Home delivery.

Well, this is no longer news. Even at the beginning of the pandemic, it became that this service will get rich. People, now, order home absolutely everything (in India, even haircuts and cosmetic procedures are carried out at home).

A clean nature.


Undoubtedly many of you have already heard that nature has become cleaner during the period of isolation, and maintaining this order will also be a priority. That is why this industry will be very suitable for new and creative ideas.

Leisure at home as ideas for startups.

This is most likely the broadest sphere for startups. It can include games, e-books, online cinemas and concert venues, etc.


As you can see, even at this time, there is the possibility of using your ideas, the main thing is to try and not be afraid. After all, only then can something turned out.

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