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How to Design a Logo From Scratch: A Step-by-step Guide

Let’s think about the worst logo you’ve ever seen…what comes to mind? If you’re having trouble remembering one, that’s not surprising. Because outstanding logos stick, bad ones don’t. Therefore, our task is to create a logo that would stick in people’s minds, create emotions and associations for customers. Today we’ll share our experience with you. Before that, catch a tip – logo designs should be simple enough for a child can draw from the memory.

Take a look at the comparison between nice and bad logos:

So what’s first? Our team created some key steps (with a few tips) that you’ll need to consider to create a logo that will adore your customer. Take out your diaries, friends.

1. Think about your brand story.
2. Choose five words that describe your brand.
3. Sketch ideas based on these words.
4. Pick colors that reflect your brand.

girls illustrations android style blue logo ux art color ui design illustration

Your logo’s colors will end up on your website, social media feeds, marketing emails, and every other place where a user interacts with your brand. Hmmm, for instance, if you’re selling food – try to avoid blue color. The color of a clear sky, blue, tends to invoke feelings of trust, ease, and peace. It’s not about food.

5. Pick a font.
6. Create several rough versions.
7. Get feedback. 
8. Polish your winning design.

By the way, you can get a consultation from our team, don’t hesitate to send us an email to [email protected].

How we said before, some tips by our team:

– Don’t over complicate your design. You can try the method with a child. Do you remember? When a child can draw your logo from memory.
– Do explore logos and get inspired by other brands, similar ones in your industry.
– Create variations of your logo in different sizes and proportions. To understand how it will look on different platforms.

So, guys, we know that the process of creating a good logo can seem like a lot of work, but remember,  the design will be linked to your brand for the long-term. It’s worth it. Every large brand started small. The idea of designing your logo may have seemed difficult at first… Our team hopes that we helped you with your future logo first steps and understand the principles of thinking about brand identity.