Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Industry

Sweetcode Lab knows the cannabis industry well, and we want to share our knowledge with you.

With experience in cannabis website design and cannabis mobile app design, we have what it takes to create an exceptional product, including software that works with Metrc. 

Holistic Outreach to All Cannabis Market Segments

With an emerging industry like cannabis, it’s important to stay on top of trends and regulations. You may have many market segments to reach: retail storefront, retail non-storefront, distributors, distributor- transport, manufacture, cultivation, microbusiness, testing laboratory, event organizer, etc. Each of these sectors comes with its own set of requirements.

We help with any and all projects related to the cannabis market in the United States, so if you have a need or want to ask questions, you’re in the right place.

Website Design and Development for the Cannabis Industry

We know that cannabis-related website design takes a special kind of development and knowledge. This is a new target market that has specific needs. We provide smart solutions that allow for your business to be profitable while also meeting regulations.

When working with our clients, we take time to learn their values and vision. From there, we create actionable solutions we can implement to meet their goals and stimulate business growth. 

Whatever it is you need, from brand development to packaging design, we have you covered.

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Benj Financial

A comprehensive branding profile for the startup, Benj Financial. We developed a bright and clear logo for an eye-catching website.
Learn more about this product through our informative brand book.


A brand built from the ground up. The goal was to create a unique, yet user-friendly interface that streamlined revenue.
The design team accomplished this task and made it easy for anyone, even outside of the native market, to understand HUBX’s message.


Concept design and development for a clothing company. We made the app’s interface fashionable, simple, and attractive to customers.The ROPA app was developed using React Native for iOS and Android.


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