Sweetcode Lab has valuable experience in the Cryptocurrency trading website and mobile application design and development.

For your idea to succeed, you need the team of the most reliable experts focused on UI/UX design and development, including full support for startups, small and medium-sized businesses in the cryptocurrency industry. And you have come to the right source.

How to design a smart cryptocurrency website? How to create an excellent cryptocurrency blog? How to take a successful position in the crypto market? We know great solutions for your business. Our team is knowledgeable in crypto news, and we know what’s going on in the industry right now.

We know that the cryptocurrency industry’s design must emphasize technological prowess and state-of-the-art your services and products. Equally as important is your cryptocurrency logo design, which must encapsulate your brand’s essence and convey that information in a single glance. Your cryptocurrency startup web design can build a foundation together with your cryptocurrency logo design. And help your company enjoys the same popularity as Bitcoin.

You can see an example of one of our work in the Crypto Industry. We performed cryptocurrency logo design, cross-platform app design, and website design – Behj Financial. This app idea was about to earn money by uniquely investing in big corporations.

We work with financial clients to determine the most effective mix of design and developing tactics—be it a brand strategy, brand strategy, or logo design, etc. That resonates with your target audience and opens up new opportunities.

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Our services

Benj Financial

A comprehensive branding for the startup, called Benj Financial. A bright and clear logo was designed for an eye-catching website.
An informative brand book with a clear message to anyone wanting to learn more about the product.


A complete brand design was orchestrated. The goal was to create a unique, simple, yet user-friendly brand representation.
The design team has made it super easy for anyone, even outside of the native market, to understand the message.


Application concept design and development for clothing shop. It was made super fashionable, simple, and attractive to customers.
The ROPA app developed using React Native for iOS and Android.


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