Inspiration. Interesting shots from Dribbble #3

18 May · designers, dribbble, inspiration, mobileapp, ui, uiux, ux· 39 Views

Good inspiration Monday, everyone!

How you begin your new week? Have you some traditions for the morning or Monday? What do you do to wake up?

Oh, yes, so many questions on such a stressful day – Monday.
Have you noticed that a lot depends on the morning? If you start the day with wrong thoughts, or a bad mood – all day will be like that. Even if the weather is bad outside, you need to please yourself with something. Perhaps for someone, it will be a joy to eat a piece of chocolate. For someone pleasure to read a book or just sit on the phone. In any case, it will make the first hour after the weekend enjoyable.

You need to try to make it more pleasant, especially Monday morning. It’s imperative, because this day sets the tone for all week. Essential to begin work week with tasty inspiration for designers, Maybe you look on Dribbble or Medium, or some else service, and look for some creative. It’s an excellent habit. You can do this every morning, but on Monday it’s necessary. In this way, you can get inspired for all week. 

We have selected for you the top Dribbble shots over the past week. Get inspired, dear designers!





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