Inspiration. Interesting shots from Dribbble.

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For inspiration.

How you think, what need for good work, of course – inspiration. Even when you have a real good idea, you not always can bring the idea to life. Why this happens? Maybe because often, when we begin to do something, in our brain appear else new ideas, and we started lost concept. May be by some other reasons, we don’t know. You should draw or write your ideas, this must help you. And always get inspired before work. Inspiration help you collected all your ideas and help create those in something really cool. 

Sweetcode Lab selected for you interesting shots from Dribbble.



“Type design moves at the pace of the most conservative reader. The good type-designer therefore realizes that, for a new fount to be successful, it has to be so good that only very few recognize its novelty.” Stanley Morrison



“Good graphic design solutions to communication problems can improve the flow of information in society and, therefore, substantially and positively affect education, social well-being and the daily enjoyment of life. In addition, good graphic design solutions can also have a positive economic impact.” Jorge Frascara

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“Design is an expression of the purpose, and it may (if it is good enough) later be judged as art; design depends largely on constraints and it is a method of action (there are always constraints and these usually include ethic).” Charles Eames

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