Logo. What are the trends in 2020

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Logo. How you think, the logo should be changing? Or it’s the constant part of brand design? Of course, the logotype should be changing. It’s very important for the company, in order to will be in trends. Even the most famous brand change logotype design, and sometimes very much. If the brand needs rebranding, it doesn’t mean that the company has problems. It does mean, that comes change time. 

Examples rebranding famous company:

  • Uber made its logo more simply, it is one of the trends this year. 

1_d975191dc6e2e66b084729505d833c4e.png (1507×672)


Designers removed the fox, which is traditionally associated with the browser and changed the contours of the figure. The concept looks modern, but those who have been using the browser for a long time clearly see the difference.

6_c165ed75c71ee75fc4ba62592dd1cf85.jpg (1900×645)


slack_assets_before_after-1-e1573731493446.png.webp (935×296)

Lays. The team removed unnecessary elements from the logo design. This made the logo easier. It also affects easier of use (scaling).

lays_logo_before_after.jpg.webp (2000×832)

Volkswagen has moved away from the familiar logo and made it very simple. Now it consists only of lines. By the way, many companies followed this example.

volkswagen_2019_logo_before_after.jpg.webp (2000×832)


Now there are 10 trends in logotype design. And Sweetcode Lab selected some examples for you. 

Animated Logos like cartoon

logo     logo logo    logo

Unusual typography

upbound_dribbble_1.gif (800×600)    bear.jpg (800×600)

Logos with metal texture


Custom Fonts

logo     logo


Use only white and black colors.

logo    logo

Semi-transparent Shapes

29fb1c1f37a9cb0f2ba70a7907061780.jpeg (1600×1200)    octopus_4x.jpg (800×600)

hexagon_logo_4x.jpg (800×600)


7e9e60e20d4032695b31f9055c156b65.png (1600×1200)    73877e2d6eb0420075a074eabe1971cf.png (1600×1200)

ftype.gif (800×600)

Using gradient in logos

skybox-vr_4x.png (800×600)    a4a2b07131769f93c8f043718874ecea.png (1600×1200)

Retro Style

retro_logo_design_by_azlath_d6urx7r-fullview.jpg (479×408)   

il_570xN.1381463739_t6v0.jpg (570×292)

do-modern-vintage-retro-logo-design.jpg (4000×3000)


Logos made up of geometric shapes.

     85797310c066cfa9afd2da12eecc1ec4.png (1600×1200)

2601566a8384ac5222a61afc6e0a3b4e.jpg (1600×1200)


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