New Plugins for Figma #12

29 April · app, design, figma, it, plugins, technical, ui, ux· 132 Views

New plugins are always something interesting. I want to install it faster, see how it works. Some designers at Figma have so many plugins that they just don’t fit on the list.

As usual on Wednesday we selected for you some new plugins for Figma. Use it and made your work easier.

Frames Tag

Export the whole page as a large image, with tags on each frame

Custom Frame Presets

Create your own sets of reusable frame presets with custom dimensions & other settings. You no longer need to stick to the limited default set of frame sizes, which are predefined in Figma.

Known issues:

  • All templates are currently saved locally to your Figma app or browser. If you clear the browser cache, reinstall the app or log out of Figma, your models may be lost.
  • You cannot reorder groups or templates yet. I may add this functionality in the future if there are enough requests.


new plugins

Figma plugin that adds independent borders to each side of a FRAME element with constraints.


Want to find and navigate to the artboards of your choice and see your recent searches? Khoj helps you with that.

Tint Frame

The plugin fills the selected frame (or several) with a semi-transparent rectangle. The rectangle has scale constraints always to match the parent frame. Set a hotkey and tint your frames even faster.

Fix Your Mess 

new plugins

Find detached instances all over your document. Fix Your Mess scans your Figma designs and helps you tidy up your work. You can browse all pages of the current Figma document, find all detached instances, and decide what to do with them.


new plugins

With AssetSheet, you can easily create a sheet of all selected components on the current page. Sync those sheets to Zeplin or any other inspection tool to give developers access to all assets they need nicely organized in a single frame.

Progressbar Ratio

new plugins

Adds a fast-tuning progress bar.


new plugins

Simplifies vector paths by automatically reducing and rearranging their line segments. Select one or more vector paths you want to streamline and run the plugin — it will optimize the selected tracks, and they will look smoother.

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