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New Plugins for Figma #14

13 May · design, figma, plugins, ui, ux· 234 Views

What would we do without plugins?

Have you thought about how much work they do and how they simplify our lives? Do you often have to search for logos of famous companies on some third-party services? Or look for the picture you need? What about patterns? Yes, there are a lot of plug-ins for creating patterns, but not all of them work correctly. Another problem is data transfer to Figma. Probably, all designers encountered huge tables in their work, the data from which should be transferred to the design itself. So, new plugins will help you with these tasks. Great use!


Generative truchet tiles.

Jali is the term for a perforated stone or latticed screen, usually with an ornamental geometry pattern. This plugin generates jalis, with many touches tile patterns.

Components Flyout Menu


Browse and insert local and team components via a flyout menu—familiar workflow to Sketch users.



LogoFetch makes it easy to search for logotypes to use in your design. The logotype will be added as an image file to any selected element.

How does it work:

1. Select one or many elements in your design.
2. Activate the plugin and search for the logotype you would like to insert by entering domain or brand name.
3. Click the logotype you would like to insert, and it will be added as a fill of any selected elements.

Hidden Kittens


The Hidden Kittens plugin will help give your work an emotional touch. These kittens have design experience, and they will tell you what they think about your design decisions. You can also replace the art director in your team with these kittens.

How to use:
1. Choose the frames you want to add cats too.
2. Launch the Hidden Kittens plugin.
3. Voila! Kittens will appear in a random place of every selected frame.

New Kittens are added continuously and will bring more emotions to your work, stay tuned!


Create and customize illustrations in your designs with Blush. For this, just choose a collection, pick a composition, and place it on the canvas. Then you can keep playing with the variations in the illustration to create something unique that fits your brand.

Many Paster

Many Paster allows you to insert a list of data into selected text layers individually. And this may be useful for tables or data of the same category.

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