New Plugins for Figma #15

19 May · design, figma, plugins, ui, ux· 112 Views

As usual, we have prepared a selection of new plugins for Figma. On this list you find only benefit tools. Use with pleasure!


Make your frame blur, generate and translate blur hash code directly in your figma design


Scale any frame, it’s contents, and all effects to any defined width or height.

Layer Counter

You can count selected layers, layer types, and nested layers. The counts automatically update every time you select any layers.


Convert your shape and text from pixels to inches, rem, cm, ft! Great for any project where you need to print out materials or need to reference real world units.

Word Counter


Word Counter – one of benefit new plugins. Count the words and characters in any selected layers.

Unused Components for Figma


Scan your file for all unused components and how many times you’ve used each component.

Label Frames


Create and update text layers above each screen on a page with the screen’s name.

The gray labels above each frame in Figma disappear when you export a slice around them. Now you can keep frame labels visible while exporting and customize their styles. Automatically creating text layers above each screen on a page and update them as screen locations and names change.

To customize the style of your labels, create a text layer styled the way you want, then select it before clicking the create / update button.

– label every screen with its name as a text layer
– labels follow screen locations and name changes
– customize label style, size or spacing
– lock / unlock
– show / hide
– delete

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