New Plugins for Figma #16

27 May · figma, plugins· 31 Views

Do not you think that finding new plugins is not the most interesting activity? Of course, if you have enough time, then this is not a problem. But what if you live in rhythm when every minute is worth its weight in gold? Every week, Sweetcode Lab shares with you only the latest of the plugins so that you do not have to search for something yourself.


Preview your responsive designs inside Figma!

How to:

– Add all your layout frames part of a responsive design
– Add a frame to use as a responsive preview screen
– Start resizing the preview screen and see how your design behaves

Page Automator

“Tired to manually add new page one by one when starting a new project in Figma?”

Page Automator will help you solve this by automate creating multiple pages in just one click.

• Make your own page Automator.
Make your own page Automator by providing a list of pages. The Automator you created will be saved on your computer too!

• Come with many examples!
Browse built-in page Automator to get you started how this plugin works.


new plugins

Align layers to the grid columns and set the width of the layers in the columns.

How to use the plugin:

– Select the layers and run the plugin;
– Enter the offset in the columns;
– Enter the width in the columns.

The plugin will automatically change the width of the selected layers and move them. It is not necessary to enter both parameters. You can only enter offset or width.

Rotate Copies

new plugins

Create rotated copies of any element

Rotate around

  • the center.
  • the origin.
  • around a custom center point.
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