New Plugins for Figma #17

3 June · figma, new, plugin, plugins· 35 Views

Hello, everybody! As usual, on Wednesday, we prepare for you New Plugins for Figma. There are plugins for grid, colors, layout, and something exciting.

Golden Spiral

New Plugins for Figma

Golden Spiral is a plugin that calculates the golden ratio sequence and creates layers.

Above The Fold

New Plugins for Figma

If you not sure most important elements will be visible every time on every device, Above the Fold – it’s that you need. Plugin marks your designs with a layer that indicates where the above-the-fold portion ends. How Above the Fold plugin works?

1) Select one (or more) Artboard(s).

2) Run the plugin with your desired target device.

3) Your results are ready.

Grids Generator

Sometimes we have problems with the grid. When you design a mobile or desktop app (site), you need a special layout. Of course, you can use the standard grid, but sometimes it not suit. For such a situation there is Grid Generation. This plugin creates a grid special for your design.

Camera Color Copy Paste

When does your design need a color that cannot be found simply by code? For example, you madly liked the color of your shirt or sky, or in your cup, you got insanely beautiful tea. And then you understand, this is exactly what I need. How to choose the right shade? It is very simple to do using Copy & paste. This plugin transfers the primary colors from the camera of your phone directly to the Figma file.

How to use:

1) Scan QR code on your phone or choose open in browser.
2) Capture a color from your camera.
3) New color will be automatically added to the plugin.
4) Click the color to copy it, or click delete to remove.

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