Collection of plugins for Figma #18

10 June · design, figma, plugin, ux· 37 Views

As always, we prepare for your collection of plugins for Figma. Use with pleasure!

Design Lint

Find and fix errors in your designs for free.

Design Lint finds missing styles within your designs on all your layers. Ensure your plans are ready for development or design collaboration by fixing inconsistencies.

While it’s running, Design Lint will update automatically as you fix errors. Clicking on the layer will also select that layer in your design. Navigating between each failure is fast and much easier than trying to find the mistakes on your own.

Theme UI

Collection of plugins

Use your Theme UI config to create color and text styles quickly.

Why only build consistent, themeable React apps when you can also bring the power of constraint-based design principles to Figma? You’ll just need to import your config file and see the styles created.

Retro Super Storm

Collection of plugins

This plugin is ideal for team meetings. No need to buy new software, all of this already exists in Figma. Self-explanatory and straightforward UI will make your sessions easy and productive.

The plugin already has templates for Retrospective, Brainstorm, and User Story Mapping. Also, the plugin has a built-in timer so you can follow the timing of each iteration.

Live Preview

Collection of plugins

Easily share a live preview of your Figma prototype with others.

Run the plugin to present a QR code for others to scan on their devices to view your prototype in realtime in their browser.

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