New Plugins for Figma #11

22 April · app, design, developer, figma, ui, ux· 88 Views

What tool does the designer use today? It used to be Sketch, XD, and others. But now there is Figma, which is continually being improved and updated. The main advantage of Figma is the ease of communication. Yes, it was difficult for many who were used to Sketch to adapt, but now, hardly any of them will want to stop using Figma. And of course, the presence of a variety of plugins makes Figma even more attractive for work. 

We collected some of the latest new plugins.


new plugins

Use text to create a timer on a Figma page.

There are two ways to start a timer:
1. Type the time you want to count down in Timer: HH:MM:SS format (e.g., Timer: 5:00), then select Plugins > Timer to start the countdown.
2. Type the time you want to count down in HH:MM:SS format (e.g., 5:00). In this case, you need to select the text layer before going to Plusings > Timer to start the countdown.

Additionally, you can now begin to a couple of timers on a page (for whatever reason)! To do that, select all text layers that contain the timer, then select Plugins > Timer to shart the countdown.

Crypto Password Protection

new plugins

Securely share encrypted Figma designs with stakeholders as password-protected links

Export styles to CSS variables

new plugins

Generate and export your styles to CSS custom properties (variables).

To use, create some styles, run the plugin, select your color system (RGBA, Hex, or HSLA), and if you want to use REM units for text, and hit Generate.

Merge it

new plugins

Merge is a plugin that can let you merge those similar, duplicated, inconsistent style components in your design system.

Frames Tag



Export the whole page as a large image, with tags on each frame.

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