Mobile app. How to make the app fresh.

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Could you imagine ten years ago that you can do yoga not in the gym, but at home, only using the mobile app? Or make purchases through your phone? Well, there shouldn’t even talk about calling a Cab or Uber. The life of a modern person is very closely connected with a mobile phone. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have; today, you need to adhere to recent trends. Of course, you should not make a mobile app if you have a small shop. But, for a more significant business, it is merely necessary.

Just having a cross-platform mobile application is not enough. It is necessary to always grab the attention of your customer (user), especially if your business has a big competition.

That’s why we will tell you about the trends of 2020, in the design and functionality of the mobile apps:

1. Character Stories in mobile app

Recently, many applications have their character, which tells the user about the rules of use, the history of the company, and other useful information. It would seem that this technique can only work with young children, but no. Even adult people use helpers. Remember that paper clip from Word? 🙂

mobile app

2. Transition minimization

If all the necessary information is on the main page, the application will be much better to keep visitors.

3. Own illustrations

As we wrote earlier, illustrations are a potent tool, although many underestimate it. It doesn’t matter which application you have. It can be an online shop application, food delivery, or real estate services. Excellent illustrations would be appropriate anyway. And of course, it’s best to use your pictures, rather than copying stock images.

4. Use less buttons in mobile app

Today, a vast number of popular applications refuse buttons. All this is due to the desire to make the app more intuitive for the user.

5. Beautiful background images

Depending on the theme of your application, you can use beautiful photos rather than illustrations. But remember about the high resolution of such images. How can they help? Beautiful photos motivate the user to immerse themselves in the application further.

6. Using chat-bots for your mobile app

It is precisely the tool that saves both time and money. Now many online stores are resorting to chat-bots. With the help of them, you can solve many questions.

mobile app

7. Biometric authentication

Use all the modern technology. Now there are a lot of opportunities like payment by fingerprint and face-id. It make life your customers more easier.

8. VR Experience

It is an excellent tool for online stores. Just imagine that now there is an opportunity to give the buyer to try on clothes immediately in the app. Also, it becomes possible to calculate a place in the apartment so that this or that item is fit. It will be beneficial for furniture stores.

Sweetcode Lab designers are following the latest trends. It can be seen in the company’s portfolio. We will help you to make your application unique and, most importantly, user-friendly.

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