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Online E-commerce Grew. Is Your Business Ready?

Let’s talk about online e-commerce.

This rapidly developing field occupies a vast niche in the market. Online e-commerce growth for 2020 was 19%. Of course, not every business can be transferred to a web page, but you should hurry up if there is such an opportunity. We will tell you some basic principles that need to know not only to the designer but also to the online shop owner.

Not only an outwardly beautiful picture but also a good UX.

It is necessary to think over the entire logic of the user/buyer/consumer. Usually, after the application (shop) launch, marketers conduct a series of analyses by recording heatmaps, user sessions, etc. Good UX can increase sales.

Mobile sales.

Most likely, already in 2021, transactions via a mobile phone will occupy approximately 54% of all electronic sales. Are you ready for this? Mobile sales are not just an adaptation of your site. Whatever business you are engaged in – rental housing, trades, food delivery – all this includes considerable baggage of additional functions. It is necessary to think over the concept of the application, how mobile payments will work, and, possibly, the use of other realities. If you already thought – send us a message, and we’ll be happy to help.

Quick page loading speed.

Yes, if you are trading in some unique product, the buyer is unlikely to leave looking for another seller. But, if the competition is high – most likely, you will lose the client. Below is displayed on how download speed affects conversion rates by data Google.

Simplicity and nothing extra.

If you are already working with a designer and he offers to make your site “beautiful” and difficult – change the designer. In e-commerce, everything should be straightforward. Better to be inspired by websites/applications that are already functioning. It is not theft; it will only be more comfortable for the user to follow a familiar scenario than to learn new. Here is the working logic of a computer game. If you play something familiar, most likely, you will like the game. But if you have to study for a very long time and the interface will be incomprehensible – you will surely get tired and lose interest. So, do not come up with something too creative – simplicity is always in trend.

Else one plus at e-commerce.

And the best part about online sales is that you can appreciate the work of the designer. You will not be a customer who does not know what he wants. Based on sales analysis, you can easily explain to the manager or designer that there are errors in the work.

But it is best to contact an experienced company that can be with you throughout the entire cycle of creating an application or site. We have this opportunity and will gladly help you in developing your business. Just send us a message, and you’ll get your in-house team of professional designers and developers.