Pagination. Interesting posts from Dribbble #7

15 June · design, dribbble, inspration· 14 Views

We often use pagination. Sometimes we don’t notice this. It is everywhere in catalog, calendar, blog, and social networks. Exist so many different variants pagination, that difficult to imagine! This little part of the design request hard efforts. Of course, it is challenging to come up with something new.  It can be just like a list or difficult designers decision. And when you need your fresh design ideas, and in search, you can get lost. We selected new and unusual references from Dribbble. Look at this!





5c6e7f87c46e281900e75a9bd9c16986.gif (800×600)

lb_pagination.gif (800×600)

svg_page_hopper.gif (800×600)

pagedots.gif (800×600)

We select some fresh shots from Dribbble every week. You can find many new references for inspiration in other our posts.

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