New Plugins for Figma #13

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Plugins fo Figma really useful tools. It made your work easier.


The GridMod – one of the new plugins for Figma will help make your life easier when working with large tables in layouts.

Layout Grid Visualizer

Generate layers from your layout grids so you can export images or prepare diagrams to supplement your design systems documentation.
– Select frame(s) with layout grids.
– Run the plugin.
– The plugin will generate layers for all networks (each network in their own nested structure so they can be toggled).
Since all artwork creates are rectangles, you can style them. However, you like.

Apply Colors to Selection

– (Optional) Before opening the plugin, select the element(s) whose fill color you want to use as a swatch.
– Open the plugin and add/remove any swatches you want. Adding a new one will generate a new random color.
– Back on the canvas, select all the elements you want and hit “Apply Colors.” The selection will be filled randomly using the swatches.
– The plugin doesn’t automatically close, so you can hit “Apply Colors” as many times as you like.

Show + Tell

plugins for figma

It lets you create presentations with a single click.
Selected frames will be put straight into pre-formatted slides – ready to present or share.
– One-click presentation creation.
– Frame taller than the presentation will automatically be set up to scroll vertically – this is great for marketing sites, or large app screens.
– Any frame more full than the performance will be scaled down to fit.
– Presentation frames take the name of the structure they contain.
– Auto-fill data – computers already know the date, so in this case, the machine fills in the time for you.


plugins for figma

Add images to your designs directly from Pexels.
Pexels is a free stock photo and video sharing community made up of millions of high-quality images and videos. Imagery is generously donated by a growing community of over 100,000 contributors from around the globe.
Images are free for both personal and commercial use.

Random Color Generator

plugins for figma

A random color generator that adds and updates fills to any selected shapes.
– Select any elements you want.
– Run the plugin.
All items now have a different random fill.

Snap Master 3000

plugins for figma

Do you ever dream of making widths in your design consistent, like a snap? Now your dreams come true – Snap Master 3000 is already here!
Use predefined values for width snapping or use your own – now it easy and fast.
But that’s not all! Snap Master 3000 save your values after any snap for future use.

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