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Real estate
website rebranding

About project

It was important for us to get this client, so we made slides with refreshed brand concept.
Original golden color was replaced with more reach gold.

This website was made as a temporary solution. Meantime our team was involved into secret project, literally all team was involved to make real estate website look like not a real estate website. This was main point that client provided to us.



1. Logo Design
Icon UI/UX Design Created with Sketch.
2. UI/UX Design
3. Web Development


The goal was to move user through website by separating user stories on Buyers, Investors and Agents.

Main focus was on buyers, so we developed flow for NY Areas and properties.

Colors used

White Smoke #F3F3F3
Black #000000
Chenin #DCBD66
Husk #B09752


Avenir Font




Avenir Black font 80px


Avenir Black font 32px


Avenir Black font 22px


Avenir Black font 16px



We had a strong plan about the structure and prepared application section by section, first was buyers then real estate sections, now they work as modules, that can be enabled and disabled in the system.

There was a complex task about logic and how the customer will interact with the system so our client can collect all needed information without any issues.


Website is completed and pretty unusual for real estate website. Navigation, user flow and interactions including navigation and contact form. We tried to create here completely new experience for people, who want to buy a house and we think we did it.

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