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Restaurant Business and Changes in Consumer Behavior

Change in consumer behavior related to the restaurant business.

Consumer behavior has changed due to the pandemic. It applies to absolutely any activity area, starting with the sale of cars and ending with the purchase in a regular store. Almost everyone tries to stay at home if possible. Of course, after quitting quarantine, people will be forced to go to work, but fears will stand.

One of the industries that will undergo significant changes, it’s the restaurant business. The forecasts in this area are not very encouraging. But don’t time for panic. If you begin modernizing your business in time, the losses will be minimal.

Let’s first consider what changes in the behavior of people will affect the nutrition sphere:

– People minimized visits to public areas. After quarantine, there will be some leap up. But it will be challenging to return to the level before the quarantine.

– Consumers will be more careful about hygiene. Restaurants that are already delivering food should remember this. You should provide couriers with protective equipment (gloves, masks, etc.).

– The percentage of delivery at home and work will also be high.

– People will use Drive Thru more to avoid queues in the diners themselves.

How to respond to this behavior?

In general, all these changes can be combined into the one – people will continue to strive for self-isolation due to fears of getting sick with Corona. How to respond to this behavior? Of course, you must need to be paid more attention to delivering food at home. What entails a massive layer of work with the site and especially with responsive mobile compatibility. The “comfortable website” will be one of the critical tools for retaining customers.

Often, restaurant sites include are beautiful photos of dishes, and UX absent. This mistake is often associated precisely with the fact that the restaurant business aims to ensure that the consumer comes to the restaurant by looking at beautiful photos. But now you need that the consumer understood how to quickly order food without racking his brains over where to click to open the basket. Or how to make the payment.

Mandatory site components for the restaurant business.

Several sections must be on the website of your restaurant for proper working:

– Menu. It includes a good picture of the dish and a description of the ingredients. It desirable that the image showed not only how food is served in the restaurant. But also how it would look when receiving at home.

– Basket. Usually, it is located in the upper right corner. Do not experiment with icons, as people are used to the classic image of the basket. This same applies to her place on the site.

– Delivery terms. Here you should tell the client about how delivery is carried out, what period, and any possibility of pickup.

Reservation system. Yes, it will not be popular at the moment, but the presence of this function is required. Of course, if you are not going to switch purely to delivery.

– Links to social networks.

– Contacts. Mandatory section for any site, not to mention the restaurant.

When building a site, do not forget about the logic of the client. It is necessary to consider the behavior and calculate all the algorithms carefully. Once you have launched your website, the next step to gaining a customer will be to develop a delivery application.

As you see, now, all funds and efforts should be spent on online-trade. And you need to do this already yesterday if you understand. Sweetcode Lab is ready to help If you do not have your site. We have experience in the restaurant business and working with MVP projects for the rapid implementation of your website.