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Startup consultation 🚀 with our CEO & CTO

Did you come up with a startup idea of your life? 💡

Imagine, you have a 1 million dollar idea. And we know for sure that you have an excellent vision of your future startup! But you don’t know where you need to start. That’s why we offering this unique service.

  • 🤔 Do you figure out
    what to do first?

  • 😟 Do you know what
    MVP means?

  • 😫 Don’t know how
    to set priorities.

  • 😯 Problems with a full
    picture of the idea.

We Have Solution

Our company helps startups in design and development for a long time. We have created many Minimum Valuable Products and we understand what functions are important in the first stage of development. We also want to share with you the experience of UX and the development accumulated over the years.

  • Don’t waste your money before it’s too late, we can brainstorm about your idea with you.

  • Predefining the right steps and setting deadlines based on our experience, so you’ll be more motivated.

  • Preparing the MVP list of your project, so you know what you’ll get in phase 1 and what be moved to phase 2.


How do we do this? Simple as 1, 2, 3 ⏱

Just start from the payment section. After payment is completed you need to fill out the brief and schedule consultation.

  • Pay

  • Fill brief

  • Have meeting

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☝🏻 But keep in mind, this is an express service, our team does not accept any comments or additional edits. Just be sure of the quality and coolness of the express product.

What we need from you?

All data is optimal, but remember, the more information we get, more accurate will be the result ☝🏻

  • Company name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Target audience
  • Anything you think you need to add regarding your future idea
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