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  • 4 Mobile App Design Trends for 2022 That You Should Catch Up

    Jan 13, 2022Like fashion trends, mobile app design trends never stay the same.

    Like fashion trends, mobile app design trends never stay the same. But, of course, just like 20-x style is coming back in fashion, so apps might still borrow design styles from the past but don’t forget that they are giving it a modern twist.  Especially when we see a lot of new mobile apps being […]

  • Redesign. Why Users Don’t Like It?

    Jan 08, 2021Redesign. Why not?

    How do you feel about the redesign? Why not, if we say about your brand or app (there is always something to improve). But how does a consumer react to a redesign? Have you ever wondered why most users do not immediately accept even the right redesign? Let’s look at the reasons why your redesign […]

  • The Main Things to Make the Application or Website Memorable

    Jan 08, 2021Nowadays design needs to be memorable and we know how to achieve this.

    We live in a time when you will no surprise anyone with your website or application.  Even children at school learn to program and can make a simple mobile game on their own. This is very cool, but it has become tough to stand out because of this growth rate and development of technology. To […]

  • Online E-commerce Grew. Is Your Business Ready?

    Jan 08, 2021Let's talk about online e-commerce.

    Let’s talk about online e-commerce. This rapidly developing field occupies a vast niche in the market. Online e-commerce growth for 2020 was 19%. Of course, not every business can be transferred to a web page, but you should hurry up if there is such an opportunity. We will tell you some basic principles that need […]