New plugins for Figma #20

Figma plugins #20 are finally here!

13 November · design, figma, pluginsforFigma, ui, ux

CONTENT MATRIX: How To Come Up With Hundreds of Ideas

We will help you create content pillars around your target audience.

26 October · content, design, inspiration, marketing, smm

5 Ways a Website Redesign Can Benefit Your Business

A website redesign comes with loads of benefits. Let’s understand in more detail.

How To Check Your Text For Usefulness

How to stand out and hook people.

2 October · advice, cheking, design, text

Think Twice: 7 Ways To Test The Effectiveness Of Any Idea

Let’s keep your idea in people’s minds.

23 September · advice, design, ideas, inspiration, startup

4 Effective Methods of Time Management: Advice From Our Team

Help you meet deadlines and be more productive.

17 September · advice, design, technique, timemanagement

Branding vs. Brand Identity: what’s the difference?

Let’s be clear about Branding and Brand Identity.

What Is a UX Audit and Why Your Business Need One

If you have a business – you should read this.

How to design a logo from scratch: A step-by-step guide

Create a logo that would stick in people’s minds.

20 August · color, colors, design, guide,

New plugins for Figma #19

Only new and useful for you!

17 June · design, figma, plugin, ui, ux

Pagination. Interesting posts from Dribbble #7

Cool examples of pagination.

15 June · design, dribbble, inspration

Games for designers.

Sometimes you need a little

11 June · design, game, games

Collection of plugins for Figma #18

We know how important plugins are for work.

10 June · design, figma, plugin, ux

How did COVID-19 affect startups?

Do you have good ideas for startups?

2 June · app, design, ideas, site, startup, ui, ux

Redesign. Why users don’t like it?

Redesign. Why not?

26 May · app, design, redesign, site

How to make the application or website memorable?

Not always familiar design is good.

20 May · application, design, ui, ux

New Plugins for Figma #15

On this list you find only benefit tools

19 May · design, figma, plugins, ui, ux

How to help the designer make the logo you want?

A good logo is an important component of the success of your business.

15 May · design, help,

Services that will be useful to you #6

Collect useful services.

New Plugins for Figma #14

As always, a selection of new plugins for the week.

13 May · design, figma, plugins, ui, ux

3D graphics breaks into the lives of designers.

So, if you have not started to study 3d, now is the time.

11 May · 3d, cinema4d, design, inspiration

Website design. Analysis of the dispensary market.

How to make the site more attractive?

Useful services for you #5

As usual, we select fresh and useful services for you so that you do not need to search for something yourself.

New Plugins for Figma #13

We select only the latest news for you!

6 May · design, figma, plugin, plugins, tool

Useful links for you #4

Useful links will never end!

30 April · design, ui, useful links, ux

New Plugins for Figma #12

As usual on Wednesday we selected for you some new plugins

29 April · app, design, figma, it, plugins, technical, ui, ux

New Plugins for Figma #11

What tool does the designer use today?

22 April · app, design, developer, figma, ui, ux

Typography in presentation for Behance.

Typography Presentation Ideas

13 April · design, typography

Colors and gradients. Services, that will help you

Color matching for design is a very difficult process

8 April · color, design, service, sweetcode

Plugins for Figma! Only the new!#10

Only new plugins inside!

7 April · design, figma, plugins

Desktop software. Inspirational Monday.

Monday – it’s the day for inspiration on the theme “Desktop software”.

6 April · crm, design, software

Stay at home. Useful tips from Sweetcode designers.

Sweetcode Lab. prepared some useful things, which you can do when staying at home.

3 April · design, software, sweetcode
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