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The History Of Our Company

Originally the company was founded by Evgeniy Loktev and Igor Starovoitov.

“The idea was super simple and straightforward. We both had many personal clients and started getting even more because of our quality of the work and personal touch to each project. At some point we realized, that it’s time to start building our team to help us achieve new goals” – tells Evgeniy.

As usual, there was no time to come up with some cool name for the business. We spent 5 minutes and now we are Sweetcode Lab Incorporated – placing “lab” at the end of the name was popular those days.
Logo was created with only one goal – make it attractive for potential clients and keep modern shapes for designers.

Our first project was – HUBX, which was founded by Derek Wall. Great client and friend of our company.

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First years we were more like out staffing agency, so our employees was working directly on client. But after we decided to build our own in-house team. So we turned into a real design agency with developers and project management.

From the beginning of our journey we found great clients in different niches – Crypto, Sales, Real Estate and even Cannabis Industry. One of the biggest clients we had, was Adobe. 

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