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The Key Advantages of Having Project Manager for Client

If you’ve never worked with project managers before, you can think something like, “can’t we just brief the team doing the work and manage them ourselves?

But that would be a mistake.

To begin with, who is a Project Manager?

The project manager is the head of the project, which controls everything. The manager leads the team, is responsible for achieving KPIs, project goals. A good project manager is like the glue that holds your project together and ensures quality and objectives are met on time and within budget.

Now in Sweetcode Lab, project management is included in the hourly rate. But we want to say that running projects without good project management is a false economy if we talk about cost. Project management reduces project costs by improving efficiency, mitigating risks, and optimizing resources. Even with the added cost of investing in a project manager, organizations stand to gain more.

But let’s dive more in-depth. Here are five reasons why clients, and even in-house projects, need project managers.

Strategic Alignment

Project management ensures that the team’s delivery is correct and hightide real value and advance business goals.

Also, it ensures that the financial investment will be managed appropriately. The manager makes sure that project schedules are followed, risks and issues are identified, and critical project challenges are communicated to the client and project team.

A Single Point of Contact

An essential part of a good project is just one point of contact. A manager who will tell you about the progress of the project in the client’s language. This will enable the client to save time and always find the right person directly.

Quality Control

Project management ensures the quality of whatever is delivered, thereby providing a client’s assurance and peace of mind.
Managers manage deadlines and objectives, keep an eye on how well project tasks are executed. They help outline deliverables and define their quality standards so that everyone knows exactly what they’re aiming for.

Dedicated project management ensures that a project has the time and resources to deliver and that the output is quality tested at every stage.

Reduced Costs

A project manager can lower controllable expenses by approaching cost savings as a core element at the project’s start – effectively implementing it into the project team’s culture.

Also, project management reduces project costs by improving efficiency, reducing risks, and optimizing resources. Even if the project manager’s price is increased, the organization will gain more benefits.

Managing and Learning from Success and Failure

With a few years of experience under their belt, project managers know a little about many aspects of delivering the projects they manage. They know everything about the work that their teams execute, the platforms and systems they use, and the possibilities and limitations, and the kinds of issues that typically occur.

An experienced project manager has learned from the successes and failures of the past. They don’t repeat the same mistakes twice and set realistic and achievable goals, budgets, and timelines.

Also, project managers use retrospectives, lessons learned, make post-project reviews to understand what went well, what didn’t, and what needs to be done differently in the next stage.

So, if you’re going to deliver a project successfully, you need the right people to perform the right roles. Project management professionals are a necessity, and today we have explained why.

Our team has several professional project managers that add value to the project. They make sure that project issues are appropriately managed and communicated and make clients satisfied. They create and enable a happy, motivated team who know their work matters, so do their best work.

If you have projects and want to work with a professional and cohesive team, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected].