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The Main Things to Make the Application or Website Memorable

We live in a time when you will no surprise anyone with your website or application. 

Even children at school learn to program and can make a simple mobile game on their own. This is very cool, but it has become tough to stand out because of this growth rate and development of technology. To hold down and even finding your user is getting harder. And the trouble is that even the right design agency can’t always help solving this problem.

Today we are faced with the fact that designers don’t create something new regarding apps. They do a lot according to the template or wireframe. On the one hand, it’s okay. You adopt the experience of other companies and don’t have to accustom the user to something new. But on the other hand, the app will be deprived of individuality. Let’s look at a few examples of actually similar interfaces mobile banking designs.

Do you think you will remember these applications? If so, which one is the most memorable for you? Most likely, this is option 2. Do you ask why? Everything is straightforward; only this application design is different and stands out. 

But even this layout is very standardized. First of all, they have similar shades of one color. Most mobile banking uses the same color palette. It applies not only to banks. Application designers or designers working on a website for gyms, pharmacies, children’s online shops, and many other services do the same. This is because we want to reduce the addictive time to our application. But, so, the app can be lost among all the others. 

Some tools for application:

The primary tool is creativity. 

Of course, that should not be abused. If you see that the designer is trying to come up with something new, do not dismiss his idea immediately. Think, maybe he is right? Perhaps this is what will become your feature? Like, in the example with a banking application, a beautiful and memorable illustration.

An excellent way to stand out is the color of the app itself. Most of the services are developed immediately in light tones, using a dark theme. But what if you do the opposite? It would seem a trifle, but your product will already stand out.

Also, consider the option of personalizing your application. We wrote about this earlier. Give your service an character that the user will remember.

In general, the task is not easy, but a solution for it will be found in creative work.

But remember that you cannot neglect the rules that already exist. It’s not worthwhile to change something radically. To stand out, you need one trait and nothing more.

Sweetcode Lab knows how to make your application or website memorable. All our works are different. We do not make the cake entirely according to an existing recipe, but let’s add some raisins and do unique projects.