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Think Twice: 7 Ways To Test The Effectiveness Of Any Idea

Every business venture starts with an idea. But why one idea became successful and viral while others are forgotten in a week? Let’s figure out what principles to follow to keep your vision in people’s minds.

We hope that these principles will allow you not only to gain concrete insight into whether current customers will view your product as an attractive solution to a problem, but they will also really be interested and in love with your idea.

Well, friends, let’s see principles that help make your idea successful.

1. Simplicity
– For an idea to become successful, you should remove unnecessary things, make them fit in a couple of words. Make it memorable.
– Look for a balance between compactness and content. For example, Hmm, look at proverbs, “Fortune favors the bold” – meaning in a short phrase.

See how we do it:

2. Stickiness
Can this idea become a habit or a trend? Is the idea or prototype capable of bringing to market a product that will be driven over time by the customers’ sense that it is necessary? Try to answer these questions before you get your idea to life.

3. Suddenness
– A powerful idea should surprise and be remembered by consumers.
Avoid boring plots in 2020, unacceptable to be like everyone else.

Try one trick:
Tell the background of the idea, but hold the main thing back. It is how teasers work.

4. Clarity
A clear and concrete idea is more comfortable to imagine, and therefore the audience can easily remember it.
Add specifics and often say “for example” and “imagine.”

5. Stability
Does the idea have some market stability over time, or is it a fad? Ideas that become antiquated before they even reach the market is not what you want.

6. Emotions
It’s essential to Evoke the customer’s emotion with your idea.
-Don’t be afraid to get personal and use humor.
-Offer not just a product. Offer what your consumer will get from using it.

For example: You are not offering a diary but a dream life that will start on a new page.

7. Stories
Tell A Story. The human brain is wired to be drawn into stories. A brilliant idea is like a micro-plot.

To sum up: Simplicity + Stickiness and Suddenness + Details + Emotions + Plot inside = EFFECTIVE IDEA.

Sure, every time you make a decision, you’re at risk. But friends, do not be afraid of non-standard ideas!

Our team wishes you the best, and remember that if you need help with a startup, don’t hesitate to send us an email to  [email protected].