Tools and services that will be useful to you #6

21 May · designer, tools, ui, ux· 88 Views

As always, we share with you a fresh list of interesting and useful tools and services for web designers. Some of them may really surprise you. For example, there you can find a really cool library of design services. Also a nice tool for creating a sitemap. One of these tools can help you easily and quickly post comments on your screenshots. Well, a couple of surprises await you. Check it out and bookmark it!

Design Resources (king of all tools for designers)

Let’s start with the most delicious that you could only imagine. There is a place where all the tools and services for designers are collected. And besides, the list is continuously updated and checked by curators. This means, that now, you don’t need to collect your useful sites in folders. You need only one bookmark in your browser – Design Resources.

Customer Journey Map 

Customer Journey Map a great tool to visualize your UX. It’s really something cool and new for the design world!


If you work with animation, you know how difficult it is to guess with a motion curve. Mainly, it is difficult to do it when you are just starting. And you don’t understand what’s what. There is an excellent service that will help you. There you can a little imagine what the curve should be for the speed you need. 

Octopus – cutest beside tools for site maps

There are many helpers for creating a site map. But you can count such cute ones on the fingers. Octopus will help you make the card not only informative, but also with an attractive design.


Presentify another more than convenient application for commenting on your screenshots (macOS only).


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