Top 10 fonts of 2019

16 January · design, designers, font, fonts, text, typography, ui, ux, work· 182 Views

Do you often think about which font to choose for a particular design? In general, typography is one of the most difficult parts of the whole design. Even experienced designers can make mistakes. And it is not surprising, because when choosing a font family, you need to understand what is being discussed in the application or on the site, what basic idea you need to convey. In addition, the text should be well readable, but not too large. In general, everything is very complicated.

Fortunately, there are trends and we were able to collect 10 fonts, which were very popular in 2019.

1. Euclid

2. Brandon Grotesque

Image result for brandon grotesque font in use

3. GT Haptik

4. Tiempos

Image result for Tiempos font

5. Konop

Image result for Konop font

6. Colfax

Related image

7. Alright Sans

8. Supria Sans

Image result for Supria Sans font

9. Burgess

10. Adelle

Image result for 10. Adelle font

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