Useful services for you #5

7 May · app, application, design, illustration, service· 27 Views

As usual, we select fresh and useful services for you so that you do not need to search for something yourself.

Now, being a designer is a pleasure! There are many useful services. Of course, there are many paid tools, but if you search well, you may come across some great free apps. Sometimes, it seems that soon it will be possible to remove programs from our computers similar to Photoshop or Illustrator. In fact, this is a logical assumption, because online applications quietly replace a huge number of functions of full-fledged programs.


Quill is a new corporate messenger that promises to be released in 2020. Now developers are actively sharing the work process. Most recently, they published a simply gorgeous killer feature – Split View.

useful services
CleanShot X

If you often take screenshots, and just use this function, this application will help a lot! You can easily make a screenshot without icons on the desktop. Also you can record videos and save your screenshots. CleanShot X is the best screenshot app for macOS.

useful services


Pose is a web-based tool for illustrators. It allows you to simply work with the anatomy of the human body. Just select the desired position of the character to create an illustration.



If you still don’t know how to quickly apply a frame from the layout to the animation, we have a great application for you. Overframe will cope with this task very quickly, and you yourself will be surprised how simple it is.

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