Services that will be useful to you #6

14 May · design, icons, illustration, service, ui, ux· 83 Views

Collect useful services.

As usual, we share with you services that will be useful in your work. We advise you to collect them in a separate folder in your browser so as not to lose anything you need.



Jam – a service where you can find a lot of icons. Of course, it’s better to draw your icons, but if you need to sketch out an approximate design option to the client, speed very important. For this, we need drains with symbols and illustrations.



Not sure what to do if illustrations are needed for the project? Now such problems are solved very only. There are a vast number of free services with illustrations. And Whoosh! one of them. Don’t panic, just download!



Music is also an essential part of a design. But it is challenging to find free tracks. Mixkit is an excellent stock with lots of free videos and music.


Icons8 is another huge stock with icons and illustrations. Choose only the best and use it with pleasure!


Today, illustrations are often used instead of photographs. And of course, it is better if they are as unique as possible. Personas will help you make an avatar as close as possible to a real person.

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