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Visual Identity. Everything About This Essential Aspect of Your Branding

Guys, do you remember the beauty salon logo? Or a supermarket logo near your home? What about the Nike or Coca-Cola logo? Yes, this results from the professional work with the brand and identity that made it possible to achieve recognition.

But first of all, what is Brand Visual Identity?

Brand visual identity is a set of characteristics that define the look and the feel of a brand. It includes such elements:

– Logo Design

– Fonts

– Photos

– Colors, shapes, and forms

And any other visuals are helping to convey your brand’s message. In other words, it describes everything customers can physically see.

Everything you create should represent your brand accurately. But the more extensive your network, the harder it can be to monitor content and make sure everything is up to par. Often, visual identity culminates in developing a brand style guide that provides consistent instructions on how the brand should be visually represented at all times and in any situation.

The purpose  of visual identity is:

– To create an emotional impression on viewers

– To inform viewers about the nature of the brand and services/products offered

–  To unify the many different aspects of a business through consistent visuals

Also, Brand visual identity:

– Boosts brand visibility and recognition

– It helps your business become more relatable

– It gives your products or services a distinctive feel

– Creates a sense of business continuity

A good visual identity is: 

So, we want to share how we design an outstanding visual identity:

1.Research about the product

In essence, the job is to find out as much as possible about the company’s mission and values to fuse these insights into the visual identity you create.

2.Concept development, sketching

Start by creating a mood board.  A mood board for a visual identity may include photos, illustrations, patterns, logo examples, typefaces, color palettes, print materials, etc.

3.Development of the logo

We work out in detail the selected concept in several variations. We provide a choice of several variations of a practically finished logo. We determine how the logo should be used and how it is permissible to change and modify it during use.

4.Creating a corporate identity

We fix the color palette, select the typeface, create corporate elements and patterns for the brand, design infographic elements. We like to arrange and save it as a Figma file, with a handy feature to export the necessary assets to png, SVG, and pdf formats. 

Once the visual identity is done, it’s time to fit it nicely onto the product. And sure, we communicate with the client, clarify all the details and changes to satisfy all desires and requirements thoroughly during work.

So, let’s takeaways on Brand Visual Identity.

Creating a visual identity for your brand comes with multiple benefits. It is an essential part of any business’s general branding strategy and is the most immediate aspect of it that consumers get in touch with.

Well, I hope we helped you with the theory. Now we are ready to help in practice too. If you need help with your brand identity  – send us an email to [email protected].