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Web-design. Interesting shots from Dribbble

27 April · dribbble, web-design· 190 Views

Web-design inspiration.

Today we selected for you works from Dribbble on the theme by web-design. 

In recent years, web design has changed a lot. It has become much easier. The emphasis is on functionality, and not on additional decor, as it was before. Simplicity lies in the design itself. Therefore you can see, that illustrations were basic (usually) by simple geometric figures. For a background used white or another light color. It made design more clean and free. Photos are almost never used as a background. Only in very rare cases when it is really necessary.

In typography traced the sequence. Very rarely you can see any unusual fonts. As you can see, colors also have some preferences. For example, many web designers use blue and shades. This is logical, because blue is still in trend. Also, preference is given to soft and not very bright colors, if you can say – pastel. The block system is still welcome, and invariably present in all designs.

Footers are becoming more and more, probably due to the number of links to social networks. Also, it continues to duplicate sections of the site menu. Headers are no major changes with the header. If the menu list is large, they hide it in the burger menu.

dece792a15fe793a4db75bd58da260e3.png (1600×1200)





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