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How the Project Estimation Looks From the Inside

Working on any project requires detailed planning when it comes to estimated costs and timelines. Both should be established from the beginning to ensure that the project will succeed and be completely satisfying for the client and agency. 

During the work of our agency Sweetcode Lab has finished over 50 design and development projects. And we can confidently say that all our clients were satisfied, we have 0 negative reviews on our experience.

We also know that you might not know how project estimation looks if you didn’t have experience working with designers or professional agencies. It’s okay. In this article, we will look at how the project estimation looks from the inside of our agency.

And this is how we at Sweetcode Lab do project estimation:

The first step is meeting via Google Meet or a comfortable service for clients to understand exactly the needs and what they are looking for.

During this meeting, we ask some essential questions to make a precise cost estimate for a project. Such as the client’s needs in the details, technology requirements, the type of project. For example, it may be a simple landing page or a complicated website design and development. And sure, different kinds of projects will require different timeframes and costs. 

Also, we can ask for a list of websites or mobile apps a client likes because it can give us an idea of what clients want and their tastes.

Then when we have a full view of what a client needs, our project manager with a designer or developer (when it’s a development project) is ready to create a project estimate.

In the spreadsheet, we calculate the time to complete each phase of the client’s project based on an estimated low and high number of hours for each stage of work and calculate the mean of those values. 

This is done so we can enter a range rather than a complex number for safety. And give a client a complete understanding of the cost of the project and avoid exceeding budget. 

Cost is calculated by taking the hours spent on work by the hour rate.

Project Tasks and Phases

Depending on the client’s needs and requirements, phases can change. But like an example, we want to share the following stages:

– Research and planning

– Solution design

– Web design

– Front-end development

– Back-end development

– Testing

– Launching a website

Each of these phases is broken down into more minor phases. For example, the design stage will include designing a homepage and additional pages. 

After the design is finished, the technical task of building the design is put in the hands of the developers.

At Sweetcode Lab, we always want to make the most of our client’s timelines and budgets. And do all the best so that the client can rely upon the estimate. So we use all of our expertise to explore all possible information in the project estimation before starting the work.

We are available for new projects. Contact us If you are looking for a design & development team.