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Welcome to ARCH OWL


The task was to create a logo for an Architectural company with a symbol of Owl.
The first version was just an owl, built from text structure.
Then the task was to create a brand book for the company.

Logo concept

The logo was built by combining some
geometric elements.

Logo construction

The goal was to create a logo for Architectural agency with name Arch Owl. The main request was to make it look not like an Arch, more like an Owl.

Colors used


R183 G51 B95

Vivid Tangerine

R255 G136 B124

Cold Purple

R182 G154 B215

Mine Shaft

R34 G34 B34


As a result, our agency created a strong brand with guidelines within a month. Now we have one more satisfied client.

Marketing materials:

Business cards

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